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Ihre Herausforderungen

Your Challenges

Small quantities, many variants, high manual effort

It is very challenging to achieve profitable productivity for small production runs or many product variants with classical automation technology. There is a lack of flexible, reusable solutions. A particular challenge is increasing the efficiency of process steps that are currently performed manually. Automation efforts are usually tedious and lead to external dependencies.

Unsere Lösung

Our Solution

Modular, flexible, multipurpose

The system robodev is an intelligent modular automation system that can be integrated and put into operation within a few hours in almost all manual workstations and production lines. The graphical robodev assistent is intuitive to use and requires no programming knowledge. The robodev modules are simple and flexible. Thus, you can automate tasks on your own. Achieve immediate productivity gains or quality improvements. Short delivery times, quick return on investment.

system robodev

The overall system consists of intelligent mechatronic modules that can be combined with each other as desired and an innovative software assistant. This combination enables automation solutions that are easy to handle and quickly adaptable.


robodev  applications

The system robodev is particularly suitable for production environments characterised by manual production tasks. Feeding, handling, machining and assembly of workpieces as well as quality assurance can be automated quickly, productively and efficiently. More applications



  robodev modules  

The robodev modules provide different actors and sensors as well as a selection of functional modules. To add further external components, the control unit of the system can be extended with additional interface modules. For easy setup, you only need familiar aluminum profiles and their standard connectors.

  robodev assistant

Automation can be so intuitive: The robodev assistant allows you to directly translate your production process to an automation process. Designed for the manufacturing specialist, the assistant is intuitive to use, process oriented and does not require programming skills.

  robodev configurator

Got an idea for an automation application in your production? Want to get inspired by existing applications for your use case? Then open the robodev configurator and with a few clicks create a 3D model for your application. Either start from scratch or customize pre-built applications to your use case.

robodev company

robodev GmbH is a technology spin-off that emerged from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2016. The innovation behind system robodev is based on years of research and development in the field of modular and service robotics. Easy-to-use, comprehensible technology that makes automation accessible to every manufacturer - that is our motivation.


robodev team
Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
Head of Software

Dr. Julien Mintenbeck
Dr. Julien Mintenbeck
Head of Electronics

Dr. Jens Liedke
Dr. Jens Liedke
Head of Mechanics


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